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that businesses are looking for right now. keeping this country at the forefront of research, technology, and clean energy, putting people back to work rebuilding roads, bridges and schools and reducing our deficit in a balanced and responsible way. on this last item, we face a very clear deadline. that requires us to make some big decisions on jobs, taxes, and deficits by the end of the year. both parties voted to set this deadline. and i believe that both parties can work together to make these decisions in a balanced and responsible way. yesterday, i had a chance to meet with labor and civic leaders for their input. today i meet with c.e.o.'s of some of america's largest companies. and i'll meet with leaders of both party of congress before the week is out because there's only one way to solve the channels and that is to do it together. as i've said before, i'm open to compromise and i'm hope to new ideas. and i've been encouraged over the last week to hear republican after republican agree on the need for more revenue from the wealthiest americans as part of our arithmetic if we're s
for a number of reasons related to technology and globalization. what i think is important about our proposals is that by asking the top 2% to pay more, that will provide more opportunities for others to pick the same types of chances they had. what is the extra revenue going to be used for? it will be used to keep student loans low. it will be used to provide stem education in science and engineering and the kinds of opportunities that have made it possible for so many americans to thrive. if you look at what has happened to the income distribution in the u.s. over the last 30 years, we have seen the top pull away. it is wonderful they have done so well. it is important that we pursue the policies that will reduce the opportunities that and provide more opportunities for the lower and middle-income families. >> do you think 10 years from now our budget deficit will be under $10 trillion per year? where you think it will be realistically? >> i would like to see the president's fiscal path to be enacted. i will refer you and the audience to the president's budget. the president inherited an eco
technology boom, the creation of private credit, and rapid increase in tax revenues. stephanie showed us something that was not a forecast at the time. those who were there in 2000 remember that the secretary of the treasury at the time and the chairman of the federal reserve were talking about a 13-year horizon for the complete elimination of the public debt. there was no forecast that the technology boom would come to an end, but it did. from 2000 onward, we were back into a more normal position of the government running substantial deficits as the private sector rebuild its financial position. that is the first point. long-term forecasts, the idea that one can control the future position of the debt and deficit by actions taken today, is an extremely tenuous and debatable idea. the second point is that there are certain assumptions being made which create extremely scary scenarios. those numbers that were shown -- in stephanie's presentation, the expectation that public debt would rise close to 200% of gdp by 2005. what is that based on? two important assumptions drive these projectio
in the development of state of the art oil spill prevention and response technologies, education research and training. and more than $1 billion will go to the united states coast guard trust fund to be available for clean up and compensation for those affected by oil spills in the gulf and throughout the united states. now as part of its guilty plea b.p. will retain a monitor for four years who will oversee safety and maintenance in regard to drilling in the gulf as well as an independent auditor who will conduct annual reviews to ensure compliance with the terms of this agreement. the company will hire an ethics monitor to improve it's its conduct and foster robust cooperation with the government. now there can be no question that this historic announcement is a critical step forward and under scores the justice determination to stand with gulf coast communities. in february the settlement tote ling $90 million related to the company's clean water act liability for the deep water horizon disaster. and approximately $45 million of this total will go directly to the gulf in the form of pe
technology we talked about. it is how the reach people with a live? which for a lot a young people, they are online. idea.boadebroader the other side was effective in taking the comment that the missouri. >> yes, sir. >> senator, it seems to me the policies yet in the fight as may be needing change might have been the policies that were adopted as a necessity to get to the primaries. how do think the primary system can change to allow a candidate to come to that might represent the center right as opposed to the far right. how cannot be adjusted? >> and the democratic and republican side, there is a lot of talk about that. and to you go to a national primary -- until you go to a national primary, which no one is talking about, you will have this issue. there were some iowa republicans recently meeting same they had to be careful. we need to be careful. primaries are going to continue and be good to that process this go round. the president had no primary opponent and he was free to have a rose garden shed jeff burris. we cannot have that luxury. we have to go to this process. the r
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)